It is possible to use Splider to display posts from Poster 2 (by Instacks) in a slider format. 

Demo 1 | Demo 2

 For Splider to work with Poster 2 you need to:

  • Select 'Splider' as the 'Layout' option in the Poster 2 main stack
  • Drop Splider stack into Poster 2
  • Drop a Poster 2 'Post area' stack into Splider (it is this that becomes our Splider slide)
  • Use the templating code snippets to populate the slide content (see the Poster support site for details)
  • Set up Splider however you want!

An example of using Poster 2 with Splider is included with the Splider project download.

Demo file is built using Splider 1 and will be updated to Splider 2 version asap. In meantime you can open with Splider 1 (included with v2) to view settings if you want to recreate. View our article about migrating a slider from Splider 1 to Splider 2.