The FAQ Toggle stack is a flexible toggle stack for RapidWeaver that is particularly useful for FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) sections on your webpages. View the demo page.

How to use

Simply drag the FAQ Toggle stack onto your Stacks page wherever you would like it to appear. You can add as many FAQ stacks to a page as you wish. FAQ Items are added by clicking on the blue Plus symbol in the stack. You can add as many of these as you wish to each FAQ stack.

FAQ Toggle stack settings


The default functionality is for only a single FAQ Item to be able to be opened at one time. If you wish to allow for the user to be able to have multiple FAQ Items open at one time then you can check the 'Allow multiple open' checkbox.

FAQ Style

Mode: You can select from either using a 'Styled' or a 'Simple (Bordered)' mode. Check the demo to see the differences in action.

Colour source: You can select from either 'Source' (which will let you tap into the Source colour scheme) or 'Custom' (which lets you specify your own colours).

NB: A preview of the style is shown at the top of the FAQ stack.

FAQ Items

Values: These settings allow you to adjust the padding (to the left of the question text), the border radius (of the question section) and the vertical spacing between question items. Note: This setting is only shown if you are in the 'Styled' mode.\

Adjust toggle: Depending on the font family and font size that you are using, the toggle may need to be adjusted to centre it in its space. You can adjust this slider to move the toggle up or down. Note: The adjustment is best made in Preview mode as the toggle is not visible in Edit mode.

Bold title: If you want the question text to be bold then select this box.

Drop shadow: If checked, this option puts a drop shadow around the Question container / button

Reduce height: If you want a more streamlined FAQ then this setting reduces the vertical padding around the question text.

Colour selectors: If 'Source' has been selected as the colour source then there will be drop downs to be able to select from the available colours. If you are using 'Custom' colours then there will be colour wells that you can use to specify your colour choices.

FAQ Content

Inset: This setting applies some padding to the 'answer' area of the FAQ toggle. 

Hide content: This setting can be used if you want to save some space in Edit mode as it will hide all of the answer content in the stack and leave only the questions visible.