Welcome to Source


By Stuart Marshall

updated 5 months ago

Source is a 'micro' framework that provides the basis to build great sites using RapidWeaver and Stacks. Source is different from the larger frameworks in that it doesn't try and be all things to all people - i.e it doesn't come with an abundance of different stacks. Instead the thinking behind Source is that we will just supply a core set of (really powerful) stacks and if you, as the web designer, need a slider or an accordion etc, then you just use your favourite ones from your Stacks collection, or you find the perfect specialised one on the RapidWeaver Community site.

The key things to know about Source are that it is lightweight, modern, fast and....FREE!

Overview video

Project file

The 'Welcome to Source' project file is a great way to see some examples of what Source can do (with and without the Addon pack). There are extensive 'developer notes' within the project files to explain different settings etc.

Download Welcome to Source project

Updated 26th May 2020 (fixes the 30% 70% split to use a 1fr unit instead of one of the percentages (now 70% 1fr) - We need fr here as using all percentage values (totalling 100% does not take into account any column gap values whereas the fr unit does!).

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