Source is relatively simple to learn and use (especially if you have experience of building pages in Stacks). The 'Welcome to Source' project that is comes with the initial stack download is a useful starting point. 

We offer a number of additional resources though to help you get the most out of Source and really begin to work towards mastering it. Once you get there then you will find that there really is nothing that you cannot do with Source!

Demo files

There are numerous demo project files available on this Knowledge Base site. Download and explore / dissect these to see how they have been put together and to discover how they work.

Pre-built website projects

There are several ready-built site project files available. These are a great way to to get a head start on building a new site. These cover a wide variety of looks, feels and uses though all of them are easily customised to suit your brand and particular needs. Each is also crammed full of 'developer notes' to fully detail the settings used and to outline why certain choices have been made.

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Source: Workbook

Our Source Workbook is packed full of information that takes you right through from Setup to building really complex layouts and sections. It also acts as a complete reference manual with every single setting of every Source stack fully documented,

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Source courses (Lawyer and Vista)

We also currently have 2 video-based courses. These are full featured courses and walk you through the rebuilding of a couple of example sites. The Lawyer course is completely free and is a great introduction to using Source. The Vista course takes things up a level and begins to look at some more interesting and advanced layouts.

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Forum discussions

We have an active Source users community over on the RW4ALL forum. If you have any questions or queries about building pages with Source then there is a great place to check out. It's very likely someone else has had the same question as you - and if not then there will be some fellow users happy to help you out!

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So - no matter your level or how you like to learn - we have hopefully got something to suit you. For anything else please just ask!