If you want to migrate an existing slider that has been built using version 1 to version 2 then there are few features of Splider 2 that will help the process.


Splider 2 can use the same 'Stacks slide' and 'Image slide' child stacks as version 1. This means that you can drag-and-drop these slides directly from Splider 1 into Splider 2. You would then just have to select the desired functionality settings to mirror how the slider was originally set up and also set up the styling (see below for a useful approach for that).

Note: The Splider 1 Video slides cannot be used in v2.

Global styling

Splider v1 had all of the styling options for the slider integrated into the main Splider stack. This meant that if you wanted the same stylings in numerous sliders then you either had to re-enter all of the desired styling settings each time or you would have to copy and paste an existing Splider stack (with the desired styling) and adapt the settings. In Splider 2 there is the option of applying 'Global styling' which means you can set up your desired styling choices once and have them be inherited by all instances of Splider stack. Creating a Stacks Partial out of this too means that these same styles can be applied across numerous project pages!

NOTE: You cannot have Splider 1 and Splider 2 stacks active on the same page. Please ensure all Splider stacks on a page are the same version!