Stack downloads

We use Paddle as the payment processor for most of our products (all stacks, bundles and individual projects) and they keep a record of all previous purchases for you. You can access your Paddle account where you will find details (and download links) to all previous purchases. If you don't already have a Paddle  account then simply register for one (free) using the same email address used to make your purchases. 

Access Paddle Locker

Lifetime project files

If you purchased our lifetime deal for Source projects then you access them via our Academy site. Simply sign in to your Academy account to

Note: If you cannot remember your password for the Academy site then there is a 'Forgot / Reset password' function available via the login option.

Access Academy site

Donated for products (e.g. Source Plus)

If you instead donated for a project file then you can access those related files via the page where the donation was made. e.g. For Source Plus projects make sure you are logged into the Academy site (using the email address that was attached to the donation) and you will find a 'Download projects' FAQ item where all applicable projects can be re-downloaded.